Direct Sponsor is a new, personal way to do sponsorship.

[This is a temporary beta version because our site is currently being built. Recipients, co-ordinators and developers please use the test site.]

Instead of giving money to an organization, you give your sponsorship  directly to a person, or family, by making direct transfers of usually 10 euros. To do this, we recommend using skrill.com, as they are a reputable company and have low fees (a 10 euro transfer costs 10c). 

Direct Sponsor facilitates open communication. Sponsors and recipients have direct email contact, as well as a video blog and forum. We also make the full accounts publicly available on the website. Therefore, you have access to all the information about the projects, and can see exactly what your money is being spent on.

Your sponsorship will allow the recipient to engage with their community project. The purpose of this project is to enable them to live in abundance, within three years. Direct Sponsor supports the coordination of their project, and the access for your communication.

Direct Sponsor is a Society under Irish Common Law, and is not-for-profit. 

We encourage you to sponsor  or contact us if you have any further enquiries.

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Badilisha is our pilot project.

Badilisha Permaculture (Kenya)

Badilisha means “change” in the Swahili language. The Badilisha bioregion represents an endeavour to bring necessary sustainable change to the lives of the people on Rusinga Island, Kenya.

Badilisha is our pilot project.

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freedom to live in abundance

Change someone’s life  with as little as 10 euros per month.

Using Direct Sponsor it’s personal.
We are only your agent so 100% of your money goes directly to the recipient. This means that:
- we are not a charity,
- there are no middleman,
- and there aren’t any administration costs.
Direct Sponsor facilitates open communication between sponsors and recipients, and coordinates the projects they are a part of.
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